About Me

Laura Lee Moreau
Consultant & Human-centered Designer

Branding. Digital. UX/UI. E-commerce.


I have collaborated closely with Laura Lee on various projects in China for International Groups such as Underarmour. The quality of her work is impressive, she manages a creative design in all its details. She is well-organised and persistent in finding THE design for the client.

– Euryale Châtelard, General Manager & Partner of Altima° Russia



Hi! I am a Consultant & Human-centered Designer. I specialized in Web Design, UX/UI, Art Direction and E-commerce, and jave a great interest in human-computer interactions. My clients are medium to large businesses, and I am also freelancing for small studios and large scale agencies.

I kicked-started my career in 2009 among the best at lg2 in Montreal and flew a year after to work in Beijing, as the lead Web designer. This agency was later bought by Altima°, leaders in E-commerce. I’m also a part-time digital nomad, working while traveling for about 5-6 months/year.

After getting experience for 5+ years in various design agencies, I decided to put an end to this stressful life and become a full-time freelancer. Learn what led me to this decision here. (In French only.)

In 2016, I founded ge-o-de, a creative studio & collective, where we forge a custom dream team to fit the client’s needs. Besides all that, I also like working on personal projects such as online teaching, creating digital products for sale and street photography.


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